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  1. junu added a post in a topic Hi-Def/Bluray Movie Releases for Torrenting Community   

  2. junu added a post in a topic External Graphics Card for my Laptop   

    Thanks everyone for suggestions. What cefspan suggested would have worked fine cz i could have plugged it in when i wanted to play and remove it for other times. but that require pci port. which i don't have in my laptop. is there some thing which plugs in usb port.  getting a new laptop means a cost of at least about 100 to 120k. desktop is not right for me due to my work requirements.   
  3. junu added a topic in Gamers Hangout   

    External Graphics Card for my Laptop
    I bought a laptop, for gaming and work, back in 2013. it is a sony vaio. specs are corei7, 16gb and amd 7650. as you can see issue is graphics card. I hear that there are external cards for laptops which you plug in. i heard about one for dell. and some others. can those be used with every laptop? is it a good solution?
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  4. junu added a post in a topic What was the last game you played?   

    assassin's creed series. have played till brotherhood. cannot start revelations. need some help.
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  6. junu added a post in a topic PTCL eVo, Nitro , Wingle - Support Thread   

    Hi there. Can u please help me configure nat32 so i can join 4mb with wingle to get better speed
  7. junu added a post in a topic Broadband 2Mbps to 4Mbps upgrade till 30th April (2014)   

    now it has been announced for everyone
  8. junu added a topic in PTCL DSL/Wireless   

    PTCL Eyes 2 Million Broadband Users by Year End with Minimum of 4Mbps Speed
    there is news on another site. http://propakistani.pk/2013/09/10/ptcl-eyes-2-million-broadband-users-year-end-minimum-4mbps-speed/
    This is good, if it happens
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  9. junu added a post in a topic Post Game Screenshots   

    @Upsilon, Please post your pc specs.
  10. junu added a post in a topic skills and salaries in IT industry   

    1=> go for dotnet, go for c#, u'll find best tools, tutorials to learn advance in it. go for web development, or may be go for mobile development. i feel good for web development.
    2=>don't think of salary. try being good at what u do. wen u r good enough go for freelance. find some on odesk/elance etc. u'll get 100k easily for a 4 hour daily job. but u'll have to be very good. also try developing ur own product
    3=>no comments
    4=>don't do any. develop your basic dotnet skills as much as u can.
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  12. junu added a post in a topic To which party will you vote for?   

    none, no party is good enough for my PRECIOUS vote. no candidate, who are contesting, is good enough also