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  1. nadeem5476 added a post in a topic orient vs haier   

    so after 4 years , m asking which ac did you buy that time and y u didnt update us ? update now with the answer as well as the performance too  
    waiting since 4 years  
  2. nadeem5476 added a post in a topic What is the popular payment method in Pakistan for online purchasing?   

    credit card , or visa debit
  3. nadeem5476 added a post in a topic COD   

    playing COD , black ops 2 on my nintendo wii U , awesome game , but need much time to play and complete the mission .  i m not sure the game on PC and this one is same or different because it uses some sensors too in wii U  . 
  4. nadeem5476 added a post in a topic want to run monitor and LED tv , plz suggest   

    jazak ALLAH for the last line  
  5. nadeem5476 added a post in a topic want to run monitor and LED tv , plz suggest   

    yes i know the bu"D"get is too Low for the graphics card but what if some one needs in Less than 5K  and wiling to invest 50K only on processor / motherboard . 
    So every one asks as per his / her own choice / preferences .
    any how , jazak ALLAH for your advice too Brother .
  6. nadeem5476 added a post in a topic want to run monitor and LED tv , plz suggest   

    jazak ALLAH for the advice . and this budget is not "MY" budget actually   ALHAMDOLILLAH . 
  7. nadeem5476 added a post in a topic want to run monitor and LED tv , plz suggest   

    jazak ALLAH . 
    plz would u be kind enough , what you say about this 1 GB card which is not much expensive as well as low in power consumption .
    Price is just 3500 
    is it ok to buy n play normal games , as well as take the out put both on monitor as well as on LED tv ? 
  8. nadeem5476 added a topic in Gamers Hangout   

    want to run monitor and LED tv , plz suggest
    Assalam o alaikum wa rehmat ULLAH . 
    want to ask from experts in gaming / hardware that i want to run games on my PC and from there i m planning to attach a HDMI cable to LED TV (not monitor) This is simple i know , i need to install a graphics card for that which has HDMI output and thats it , BUT the panga is that i want to run my desktop monitor too (which has VGA plus digital input too) but there is no HDMI input in my monitor (samsung 20 inches LCD) so can i b able to run both displays on the same time on independent resolutions ? or i need to run only one display at a time ? Plz note i dont want to attach a VGA cable to my LED tv bcz the distance is about 12 feet to 14 feet from the desktop to :LED tv . and i have  already experienced the same and the signal quality was not good using a long VGA cable to HDMI is a better choice and my HDMI cable is already 15 to 16 feet long attached with the bluray player and working fine .
    keeping in mind the requirement please suggest any normal card for this as i dont need to play heavy games etc as i m not a gaming guy  
    jazak ALLAH for your advice n time 
    Nadeem Ahmed
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  9. nadeem5476 added a post in a topic how to convert inventer into UPS   

    This is all about the switching time only , Your inverter is taking more than the time the computer power supply needs , normally a 4 to 5 mSec . 
    there are 2 techniques to fix this but i dont know u will b able to do so or not . 
    Open the power supply of your PC and check the filter capacitors there , usually large in size and having value of around 300 micro farad , replace those 2 caps with the same VOLTS but with the higher capacitance like 500 to 600 uF . 
    by doing this your PC wont turn off when the ups was in the process of switching from KESC / WAPDA to battery . in sha ALLAH . 
    Next Method is change your inverter with the better switching time's one , no matter it is a sine wave or modified one . There is nothing to do with pure or modified sine waves here . 
  10. nadeem5476 added a post in a topic Authorized dealer of Cyber Power Pure Sine Wave UPS in RWP/ISD
  11. nadeem5476 added a post in a topic Anyone selling skrill dollars?
  12. nadeem5476 added a post in a topic AGS Battery Backup Reduced   

    this is obvious , it is clear from the scenario you mentioned , your battery was useto of full discharge and charge cycles in last summers  , when the winters came the battery was never utilized as much as you were discharging it in summers , the plates of the battery is now having sulfates over them PARTIALLY (not fully)  , now do the followings and your battery will b rejuvenated again in sha ALLAH . 
    Use the battery upto extreme conditions , means aggressively USE it , run the FULL load of your UPS constant u will see your battery is heating up . doesnt matter , Let it get Hot . when it comes to cut off volts turn it off oryour UPS will shut automatically , Let it be . 
    After that keep it charging fully (and not use until it charged fully  - full means 100 percent charged)  
    after charged , use ur battery like previous behavior means aggressively use it  and discharged fully , The charge fully and dont use the battery before it gets fully charged . 
    u should repeat this process minimum 15 to 20 times .
    The second technique is to hook a de-sulfater Thats a small gadget that produce high voltage pulse and use the current / volts from the same battery . But when you apply that gadget remove the terminals of the UPS or it may damage your UPS . Let it be there over night and in morning detach it and use ur UPS , and in the night again hook up the de-sulphater . its price is around 2500 to 3000 Rs but it is worth to have it . I have used it and found VERY effective with one of my spare car battery LED ACID one , also i used it with my computer APC ups's battery and it simply marvelous in results . I actualy borrowed that gadget from my cousin's friend  its available in karachi saddar area with warranty that if you are not satisfied in a month then cash back , search for the sources . 
    Third remedy is to charge the battery in a SLOW amperage lets say 5 or less  Your battery will b ok in sha ALLAH .
    If your UPS has an option to reduce the charging current then reduce it and you will find the difference in backup time - but it will take much time to get charged as compared with the 15 amps before . 
    several other methods are also there but i think this is enough for your battery , Hope u will find it helpful . 
    Also measure your UPS charging current is it really 15 amps or not . (just in case) 
  13. nadeem5476 added a post in a topic AGS Battery Backup Reduced   

    it depends which typo grease is being applied there ,  SOME greases are able to conduct electricity well , Besides applying the grease (ordinary one) specially in the cities like Karachi where humidity is higher than norms is a good idea to protect the terminals and made them not able to corrode and react with the humidity that cause sulfates / rusts etc  .
    There are several types of greases i wont go into details , plz have a look here and share with others too . 

    Plus , there is a technique of applying the grease on terminals too , IF you simply apply the grease on naked terminal and AFTER applying the grease u fix the Wire female terminal then it will be a BAD IDEA because a thin layer of grease will come in between battery terminal and wire female terminal , So always apply the grease AFTER fixing the wire firmly and tightly , once it is done apply a thin layer of grease (preferably a conductive one) over the terminals and try to make it covered all around . 
  14. nadeem5476 added a post in a topic Suitable UPS for two dry 150 AH batteries ..   

    no UPS could charge the batteries if the load shedding is that much ! APC charging is 8 to 9 amps per hour ! now u can calculate . u will need extra charger . 
  15. nadeem5476 added a post in a topic how to download torrents on android faster   

    NO .